Developer PROFILE

Chief Product Designer – Yasuharu Miyagi

Born in 1962, in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.
Cool Design Corp. Representative.

He was involved in club development for tour professionals while working at FOURTEEN, where he developed the famous “MT-28”.
Established Cool Design Corp. after becoming independent in 2006.
Became popular among many tour professionals and top amateurs by designing clubs with optimal settings in areas such as head design and sole shape.
Miyagi is Japan’s leading club designer who has produced many popular products, and has designed wedges and clubs for manufacturers, such as “MTI” (PRGR) and Yonex’s Ryo Ishikawa exclusive model.

Career Accomplishments

2005 –

Agrees exclusive contract with ZOMO. Designs the putter of Shigeki Maruyama.

2007 –

Agrees exclusive contract with PRGR. Designs MTI wedge.

2010 –

Signs club advisory contract with Yonex. Designs and supports club development for Ryo Ishikawa.

2014 –

Club development advisory contract with Golf Partner. Appointed chief product designer.


#0 Iron(Yonex)/ZOMO PUTTER(ZOMO)/
NEXGEN “JET BLACK”(Golf Partner)/NEXGEN “FORGED”(Golf Partner) etc.