Highly original, with overwhelming distance.
“D-SPEC”, for a powerful shot.

Product Features

Further evolved features from the high flying NEXGEN “D-SPEC”. This model lets you strike with powerful trajectory and low spin.

Performance Comparison

Price / Color

Price(excluding tax): Box set 4,000JPY
Color: White/Pearl White/Yellow/Orange
Structure: 3-piece
Cover material: Surlyn
Dimples: 326(Dual-dimple)
Compression: Approx. 65
Japanese model (R&A conforming ball)

  • The surface of the golf ball may deform if it is left in an extremely hot place such as inside a car in the summer or around the stove in winter.
  • In the R & A Conforming Ball List, balls of different colors are registered as balls of different types.
    You may only use same colored balls in tournament competitions where the One Ball Rule applies.