You can “store energy” like a professional

Powerful inertial energy is stored and then generated upon impact, allowing improvement in distance and control.
NEXGEN6 maximizes the player’s ability. The E.I.F shaft helps you recognize the pleasure of hitting long with decent control.

How does it give you “extra distance while also maintaining control”?

The golf club’s energy stored at the top of the backswing is released instantly upon impact. The head runs and catches the ball conveying maximum energy, for a solid and high trajectory.

“Storing energy” in clubs

The super-high kickpoint creates extra time to hold at the start of your downswing, “storing energy” into the golf club.

“Storing energy” in clubs

Instantly releasing the stored energy

Preventing a sliced shot resulting from a late hit

With a shaft stiffer than a regular shaft, it allows the head to “run”, preventing a sliced shot resulting from a late hit.

Easy to swing

With a shaft stiffer than a regular shaft, you can have the feeling of “striking” the ball with an easier swing.

Why you can use the shaft like a professional player

Usually, the shaft’s kickpoint is located in between the range of over 1cm from around 400mm of the edge of the shaft, and is either defined as “low, middle or high”. E.I.F shaft sets the kickpoint super-high, which allows amateurs to bend the shaft like a professional.

[ Graph image of E.I.F shaft stiffness ]

Why there are no flex ratings

Golfers have selected shafts depending on their skills and power with flex ratings such as R, S or X. However, for E.I.F, the shaft itself generates energy of the golf club, instantly releasing it upon impact for extra power. The shaft does the work for you.
There are no concept of flex ratings, as the performance from the shaft itself will gain you that extra distance.

NEXGEN E.I.F Shaft Reshaft Model