The NEXGEN6 - Born from a special shaft

Powerful inertial energy is stored and then generated upon impact, allowing improvement in distance and control.
The head and the E.I.F shaft maximizes the player’s ability, helping him/her realize the pleasure of hitting long with decent control.

Golf Network “debut!”
~NEXGEN6 Born from a special shaft~

The special shaft is the secret to longer distance.
We will reveal what is behind the impressive distance achieved by using NEXGEN 6.


The E.I.F shaft is installed as standard equipment. The super-high kickpoint makes the shaft bend like that of a professional.

Generally, the shaft’s kickpoint is located in between the range of over 1cm from around 400mm of the edge of the shaft, and is either defined as “low, middle or high”. E.I.F shaft sets the kickpoint super-high, which allows amateurs to bend the shaft like a professional.


Club Head

We have developed a head that maximizes the attributes of the E.I.F shaft.

We have utilized Cup Face construction to enlarge the effective face area. It allows you to catch the ball with the ideal CG. (Center of Gravity).

The round design and the thickness of the head gives you extra confidence, and makes it easier to find your stance, helping you figure out the perfect angle. We have also installed weight screws in order to create the ideal weight and CG per loft.

Weight screws are installed in order to create the ideal weight and CG per loft.

Product Specification

Club 1W
Loft angle 9.5° 10.5° 11.5°
Head weight 196g
Head volume 460cc
Lie angle 60.5°
Face material 6-4 titanium
Body material 8-1-1 titanium
Manufacturing method (face) Forged (cup face)
Manufacturing method (body) Cast
Face angle
Club length (inches)
※Heel-end method measurement
45.25 45.5 45.75
Swing balance D3.8 D3.6 D3.3
Club weight 281g 273g 269g
Shaft E.I.F Shaft
Shaft weight 54g
Torque 6.0
Kickpoint Super-high kickpoint
Grip weight 30g 25g

※The values in Product Specification are design values. Actual values may slightly differ.


・Accessories : Head cover
※The SLE rule is applied