You really CAN gain +20 yards

We have sold 3,894 golf clubs (as of February 2nd), and have a solid resume of reshafting 193 models from 77 brands.
With this shaft, amateurs can gain distance and use it like a professional.
NEXGEN “E.I.F” is the next generation shaft that completely changes the perception of shafts.

With this shaft, if you want to hit long, you will hit long. If you can hit long, you will hit longer.

For more distance, you will either need a heavier head or a longer club. This will make it difficult to handle, thus creating a dilemma of players not being able to use the club matching their ambitions. E.I.F will be the solution. It is a shaft that helps the club to be swung in accordance to the player’s swing tempo, and is durable to heavier heads or longer clubs. It is able to endure “heavy” and “long” as the original kickpoint is kept stiff. However, with the difference-making super-high kickpoint, it makes it easy for people with less power to control and swing. The other components are stiff, allowing people with power to have the same comfortableness.

How does it give you “extra distance while also maintaining control”?

The golf club’s energy stored at the top of the backswing is released instantly upon impact. The head runs and catches the ball conveying maximum energy, for a solid and high trajectory.
E.I.F “does the work for you”. Without having to consciously try and strike the ball, the club will help you “swing smoothly and hit long”. This will decrease the physical burden to your body, and will improve your swing with a constant rhythm. This results in an average increase of 2m/s in head speed, and 20 yards in distance, with better control.

“Storing energy” in clubs

The super-high kickpoint creates extra time to hold at the start of your downswing, “storing energy” into the golf club.

“Storing energy” in clubs

Instantly releasing the stored energy

Preventing a sliced shot resulting from a late hit

With a shaft stiffer than a regular shaft, it allows the head to “run”, preventing a sliced shot resulting from a late hit.

Easy to swing

With a shaft stiffer than a regular shaft, you can have the feeling of “striking” the ball with an easier swing.

Why you can use the shaft like a professional player

Usually, the shaft’s kickpoint is located in between the range of over 1cm from around 400mm of the edge of the shaft, and is either defined as “low, middle or high”. E.I.F shaft sets the kickpoint super-high, which allows amateurs to bend the shaft like a professional.

[ Graph image of E.I.F shaft stiffness ]

Accustomed to a wide range of golfers with one type of shaft

Age Head speed Head weight Club length Grip weight Total weight Swing weight
24~92 yrs. 29~55m/s 169.7~207.3g 45~49″ 25~50g 257~309g D2~E5.5

Data of a customer who ordered the E.I.F shaft. We have reshafted 193 models with drivers alone. It has been generally unthinkable that a single type of shaft can be compatible to so many models.

ヘッドスピードの速い人 ヘッドスピードの遅い人
Reshafting examples Mr./Ms. I from Fukuoka (54 yrs. old) Mr./Ms. F from Ibaraki (80yrs old)
Head speed 49m/s 35m/s
Head (Loft angle) Athlete model (8.5°) Average model (10.5°)
Head weight 203.1g 189.6g
Club length 45.5″+1mm 47.25″-1mm
Grip weight 45g 40g
Total weight 304.5g 287.8g
Swing balance D4.5 D4.0

Why there are no flex ratings

Generally, flex ratings are a criteria for selecting the club’s ease to use and its ease to swing. However, the manufacturer’s flex ratings merely shows the hardness of the shaft itself. The true easiness of the club is determined when the head, shaft and grip are combined, not by flex ratings.
E.I.F has a flex softer than “R Flex” just below the grip, and the middle part is harder than “X Flex” (see the graph above). It can not be expressed with the conventional flex rating.

Each one adjusted by developers themselves

The developers adjust each club by 1 mm and 0.6 g for each order, so that even an average golfer can feel the subtle swing weight differences by the trajectory. All of the setting details are recorded by the developer.

Accustomed to a wide range of golfers with one type of shaft

For 48″ driver For 46″ driver For FW For UT For Iron
Model No. 870JDX17 870JD32 870JF17 870JUT8 87OJI5
Torque 5.3° 6.0° 4.0° 4.0° 4.0°
Tip diameter 8.5mm 8.5mm 8.5mm 8.9mm 9.4mm
Butt diameter 15.9mm 15.5mm 15.4mm 15.3mm 15.1mm
Shaft length 48″ 46″ 43.5″ 41″ 38″
(Before cutting)
65g 54g 59g 55g 56g
CPM 240 213 225 245 260
(excluding tax)
23,000JPY 23,000JPY 21,000JPY 21,000JPY 50,000JPY
(6 clubs)

※ Prices include wages and grip fee.
※ We will separately receive 5,000 JPY (tax excluded) for an adjustable adapter sleeve.
※E.I.F shaft does not have a flex rating.
※The values in Product Specification are design values. Actual values may slightly differ.