A direct manifestation of the wishes of tour pros,
this grip uses the latest in material technology

 AS-R elite <NGR-181>

Jointly developed by Elite Grips Inc. and Mitsui Chemicals (an industry leader in Japan), the base material [NK.R6] forms a seamless, 360° wrap around the club, improving resistance to wear by about 15% compared to traditional grips while maintaining the same grip strength. This product is intended for aggressive golfers who are seeking a tight grip.

AS-R: Athlete Special-compound Revolution
Color: Red / Orange / Blue / Navy / Black (total of five colors)
Each color comes either with or without a backline, for a total of 10 different items.
Material: NK.R6 Specialized Synthetic Rubber (Silica Compound)
Weight: 50 g (± 1 g)
Price: ¥1,800 + tax

AS-R elite <NGR-181>

All-Weather Long Distance Grip

D-SPEC Elite <NGR-151>

An all-weather option resilient to rain and sweat
Exquisitely soft and gentle
Featuring a pattern that controls vertical deviation, this product is intended for players who want to improve their driving distance

Color: Yellow / Pink / Lime Green / Navy / Blue / Orange / Red / White / Black (total of nine colors)
Material: NK510 Specialized Synthetic Rubber
Weight: 48 g (± 3 g)
Price: ¥1,200 + tax

With backline

With backline

Without backline

Without backline

A putter grip that stabilizes your stroke by fixing the wrist

PT Elite <NGR-141>

A putter grip that stabilizes one’s stroke trajectory by fixing the wrist
Improves the ease of your stroke and eliminates instability in short putts
Reduces missed shots caused by pulling and weak impact

With Neo Mallet putters and others featuring heads with a large moment of inertia, increasing the feeling of momentum near the hands by raising the weight on the grip side improves the overall balance of the putter and makes a smooth stroke easier.

Color: Black / Blue / Orange / Red / Pink (five colors total)
Material: NK510 Specialized Synthetic Rubber
Weight: 100 g (± 3g)
Price: ¥1,556 + tax

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