Lighter, softer, and with an improved fit

Product Features

Utilizes Nanofront®, a material endorsed by many users
The palm of this glove inherits the soft and thin Nanofront material found on previous NANO-X Series.

What is Nanofront?


A surprisingly good fit and gripping power
The innovative Nanofront® material has revolutionized gloves!

A first-of-its-kind material created by Teijin, Nanofront® is an extremely fine polyester fiber with a diameter of only 7/10,000 of a millimeter.
It is highly absorptive and adhesive with a soft texture.
The glove remains breathable in rainy and sweaty conditions, drying quickly when it gets wet.

Excellent frictional resistance and improved grip when wet
Comfortable and breathable with a strong ability to disperse moisture.

The evolution of palm-facing synthetic leather
Now uses a synthetic leather that is about 9% thinner and 4% lighter than the traditional synthetic leather used on the glove palm.

Incorporates a pro-tour design
The pro-tour design is simple and streamlined.

Price / Color / Design


Product Name: NEXGEN NANO-X Pro Tour+
Product Number: NGV-201
Size: 21 cm – 26 cm (right hand / left hand)
Material: Nanofront® / Synthetic Leather
Color: White
Price: ¥1,500 + tax

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