Building the potential energy of pros for amateur players

Inertial energy is leveraged and stored then released all at once. This makes the ball fly straight and true. NEXGEN6 is the maximum expression of a golfer’s performance. Its E.I.F. shaft achieves great distance and directional stability.

Why does the ball fly straight?

Potential energy is stored at the top of the swing, then the energy of the club is released all at once in the direction of impact. The driving club head transfers a maximum of energy to the ball, generating a solid, high trajectory.

Club energy is amassed

The ultra-high kick point creates potential energy at the start of the downswing, storing the club’s energy.

Club energy is amassed

The stored power is released all at once.

Slicing caused by late swings is prevented

Increased stiffness compared to conventional shafts launches the club head and prevents slicing due to a late swing.

Easy follow-through

Increased stiffness compared to conventional shafts makes it easier to strike the ball with a good follow-through.

How can the shaft be used like a pro?

Typically, a shaft’s kick point is located around 400 millimeters from the shaft tip, within a span of a little over one centimeter. These kick points are referred to as “low-kick,” “medium-kick,” and “high-kick.” However, E.I.F. shafts are designed with an “ultra-high” kick point that enables amateurs to utilize the full deflection of the shaft in their swings.

[ Flexibility Curve of an E.I.F. Shaft ]

Flexibility Curve of an E.I.F. Shaft

Why is there no flex rating?

Traditionally, shafts have categorized golfers according to flex ratings like R, S, and X and required golfers to swing with their own power and ability. However, E.I.F. technology allows the shaft itself to amass the energy of the club then release it all at once, launching the ball. This means that the shaft itself creates ball motion without relying on the power or ability of the golfer. Unrestricted by the notion of flex, the shaft’s performance can drive the ball a long distance.

NEXGEN E.I.F Shaft Reshaft Model

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