The conventional wisdom in golf has been that to achieve greater distance, you need to make the clubhead heavier or increase the club’s length. However, this approach often makes it challenging to handle the club, leading to a dilemma where those who want to hit longer distances, the “distance seekers,” struggle with their shots falling short.

To address this issue, we developed the ‘EI-F’ shaft.


The ‘EI-F’ shaft is designed to withstand both a heavier balance setting and a longer club setting, while still allowing the club to respond to the golfer’s swing tempo and easily be controlled.

In order to create a shaft that can withstand the “weight” and “length,” the traditional kick-point section is designed to be stiff. However, this approach alone would not differentiate it from conventional stiff shafts.

Therefore, the ‘EI-F’ shaft employs a unique stiffness distribution design, allowing even amateur golfers to utilize the “flex” of the shaft.

In our latest release, the ‘EI-F NS210’ shaft, we have made improvements over the previous version to enhance ease of swinging, maintaining impact power, and improve both distance performance and directional stability.

The Reason for One Flex

The impetus behind the development of the ‘EI-F’ shaft was the desire to bring back the former distance for golfers whose clubhead speed had declined, specifically those with a clubhead speed of 35m/s or lower.

Although these golfers had long golfing careers with stable swing paths and tempos, the distances of their second shots kept increasing year by year. The clubs available to such golfers were typically either lightweight clubs or shafts with high flexibility. The solution they sought was to maintain the power of the club without reducing it and swing effortlessly to regain their previous distances. This led to the development of a shaft that would generate a “substantial backswing” and a “strong kickback” at the impact zone.

In the development of the ‘EI-F’ shaft, the goal was to achieve this through a unique stiffness distribution without being bound by the conventional concept of “single flex,” such as “R” or “S.” Numerous test samples were created, and human tests were repeated until they arrived at the final product.

Furthermore, unexpectedly, long drive competitors with clubhead speeds exceeding 50m/s used the ‘EI-F’ shaft and gave it high praise. They were confident that with just one shaft, everyone from women to long drive competitors could swing it according to their own swings and increase their distance, which led to the term “One Flex.”

If you try it without preconceived notions, you will feel something special in the ‘EI-F’ shaft.


A unique distribution of hardness generates huge power in the backswing and transmits power through a kick that rebounds strongly after flexing. This original design goes beyond the conventional concept of high, medium, and low kick points, using the flex of amateur shafts to achieve both power and speed.


Build overwhelming energy
like a pro then release it through
a powerful kickback

Strong flex near the hands builds energy naturally like a pro—without you having to think about it
Hardness in the shaft’s center portion generates powerful kickback that releases stored energy at the point of impact


Shaft EI-F NS210-D
EI-F NS210-F
(Fairway Wood)
EI-F NS210-U
Length (inches) 46 43.5 41
Weight (g) 45 50 50
Torque 5.4 5.0 5.0
Tip (mm) 8.5 8.5 8.9
Color Yellow

※Specifications are design values only.

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